Warranty policy


- All diesel, electric and gas/ LPG forklifts supplied by 7777 Company are warranted within 03 months, 06 months and 12 months or within working time (for forklifts with working time displaying device) whichever comes first.

- For hand pallet forklifts and stakers, customers send to us at 7777 Workshop for warranty or are in charge of travelling fees of our technicians to come to your site.

- For forklift tires, customers are in charge of pressed wheel fee with transportation and fixing fee

Warranty time is understood

- Warranty principles:

+ Repairing or replacing the same spare parts as technical problems happen within warranty time.

+ Our technicians will directly go to customer’s site for repairing and fixing forklift

- Implementation Progress:

+ Within 12 – 24 working hours for customers in HCMC – Dong Nai – Binh Duong – Long An (excepting Sundays and Holidays) 

+ Within 12 – 48 working hours for customers outside the above area (excepting Sundays and Holidays) 


- Travelling fee:

+ For customers in HCMC – Dong Nai – Binh Duong – Long An, travelling fee is free

+ For customers outside the above area, they are in charge of travelling fee.


- Warranty is not applied to ordinary wear and tear such as barking plate, gear clutch, tire, lubricant…

- Warranty is not applied to electric forklifts, battery if customers use wrong voltage and cause fire or explosion; don’t add distilled water and don’t folow manufacturer’s regulations


- As delivering forklift, technician will instruct how to operate the forklift, how to maintain and check engine oil, hydraulic oil…so that customers will be able to use and maitain in a right way.

- In case customers need help for maitenance or checking, please call us 1900 636 557 – 08 7300 1567

- Within the warranty time of, spare parts replaced for maintenance such as oil filter, engine filter, gear box filter, air filter core, hydraulic filter and labor fee are free

- After warranty time, status of spare parts is noted in and reported to customers in case special warning, at the same time applying after sales service, costed maintenance and promotion to customers


- After warranty time (01 time/ 03 months): our technician will check and inspect the status of forklift and recommend customers to apply maintenance and replacement of suitable spare parts in order to ensure a durable and long-term operation of forklift


- We fully supply spare parts of Japanese forklift, spare parts are always available in stock

- We are ready to send spare part quotation to our customers at any time


  • 10 - 05 - 2017
  • 7777 Forklift

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