Confidentiality policy

a. Purpose and scope of data collection:

Data collection on our website is included: full name, email address, handphone number, customer’s address… customers have to input these compulsory information as registering the service usage and for to contact and confirm in case customer register the service usage on our website in order to ensure the customers’ rights and benefits.

b. Data usage scope:

We use customers’ data for:

- Supplying our product & service information to customers 

- Carrying out the delivery or sending documents to customers

- Sending announcements about information exchanging activities between customers and our website such as promotions, customer appreciation events…

- Preventing activities that ruin the user accounts of customers or falsify our customers

- Contacting and solving with customers in special cases. 

- Not using personal data of customer beyond the purpose of confirmation and contacts related to transactions at

- In case of being required by the Law: We have responsibility to cooperate and supply personal data of customers in case of being asked by judicial authorities such as: Procuracy, Courts, Investigation Agency, about violations of customers. Besides, noone has right to violate personal data of our customers.

c. Data storage time

Personal data of customers will be saved with security on our server until there are requirements for erasing.

d. Address of company collecting and managing personal data: 


Headquarters: No. 40, Street No. 1, Binh Tri Dong B Residential Area, Binh Tan District, HCMC.

Tax Code: 0313287262

Email: –

Tel: 1900 636 557 - (08) 7300 1567- Fax : (08) 62872666

e. Means and tools for users to approach and edit their own personal data.

Customers have rights to check, update, revise or erase their own personal data by asking to do this

f. Commiting the confidentiality of customer personal data

Personal data of customers at is absolutely committed according to personal data poly by the collection and usage of customers’ personal data are only carried out when customers agree, excepting for other regulations of Law.

Not using, transferring, supplying or disclosuring to any third party the customer personal data without customers’ agreement.

In case the data saving server is hacked by hacker and caused the loosing of customer personal data, we will be resposible for informing to legal authorities to inspect and solve in time and informing to our customers.


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